Perspective- Maggie Lozano

Perspective- Maggie Lozano Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to write my perspective on what it is like to work for Elkhart Community Schools. My initial thought was, “I don't even know where to begin!” This thought came to mind not because I was unsure about what to say, but quite the opposite: there are so many great things to [...]

Leading the agriculture field

Leading the agriculture field This fall, Elkhart Community Schools received national media recognition for the development and implementation of AgriScience curriculum into our secondary schools – a development that makes Elkhart Community Schools the largest agricultural program in the state of Indiana. Students in all three middle schools are now able to take a [...]

AgriScience changing the way students think about food

AgriScience changing the way students think about food In 16 classrooms throughout the district, students eagerly await the sounds of eggs hatching to have a better understanding of life cycles and where our food comes from. It’s part of the new AgriScience curriculum being incorporated in buildings throughout the district. Currently, 21 classrooms have [...]

Inside ECS- Jody Smith

Inside ECS- Jody Smith Jody Smith’s first experience with Elkhart Community Schools started in a Kindergarten class at Mary Beck Elementary School. Jody would spend the next 6 years as a Beck Baron, two years at Pierre Moran Middle School and four at Elkhart Memorial High School. Jody is a proud graduate of Elkhart [...]