Kindergarten Registration Information

Kindergarten Registration Information Each year, our 14 elementary schools have the honor of welcoming around 1,000 new students to their educational home. Our youngest students bring an eagerness and enthusiasm that is a daily inspiration to all of us at Elkhart Community Schools. Here is a run-down of the most important [...]

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Perspective: Steve Thalheimer, Superintendent

Steve Thalheimer, Superintendent of Schools I have always considered myself a teacher. In any role I have assumed in education, I have viewed it as an opportunity to work alongside students, staff, parents, school boards, community members, legislators, and policy makers to help all stakeholders understand public education, to strive for [...]

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Solo & Ensemble Results 2019

Solo & Ensemble Results 2019 Orchestra performers who received a “Gold” rating in the solo category: Viola: Rachel Delauente Violin: Bianca Helfrich, Jeremiah Fisher, La'Roy Fisher, Sam Schweinzger, Casey Tweedy, Josie McCormick Orchestra performers who received a “Gold” rating in the ensemble category were: Rachel Delauente-viola, Bianca Helfrich-violin, Jeremiah Fisher-violin, La'Roy Fisher-violin, Sam Schweinzger-violin, Casey [...]

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