At Bristol Elementary, our teachers truly care and get to know our students. Understanding a student’s background and academic performance enables our teaching staff to set high goals with expectations for greatness. Our teachers work side-by-side with administrators, support staff, and most importantly – parents, to help students reach their highest level of academic success.

Socratic Seminar

Students at Bristol are taught using a Socratic seminar method of discussion. The goal of a Socratic seminar is for students to help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a specific text. The Socratic seminar is a formal discussion, based on a text, in which the leader asks open-ended questions. Within the context of the discussion, students listen closely to the comments of others, thinking critically for themselves, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of others.

Close Reading

At Bristol Elementary, students are encouraged to give a thoughtful, critical analysis of text, focusing on details and patterns to develop a deep, precises understanding of the text’s form and meaning.

Genius Hour

Students at Bristol are encouraged to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. Genius Hour provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.

Academic Clubs

Bristol Elementary also hosts a number of academic-based afterschool clubs and programs, such as Spell Bowl and Math Bowl. Visit this page for a full list of clubs and programs offered at Bristol.


Bristol Elementary performs at a high level of academic achievement with IREAD-3 pass rates that consistently exceed 90%. To see all of Bristol’s test results, please see the Bristol page on the IDOE website: Bristol Elementary.