Counseling Department

The Elkhart Central High School Counseling Department faculty and staff are ready and available to assist students with the selection of  courses, the reviewing of advanced placement and early college offerings, the identification of opportunities for internships, and to understand the paths to success after graduation.

Sarah Flagg, Counseling Department Chair

Counseling Personnel

Schedule Change Policy

School counselors work with students and parents in the selection of classes and the creation of education programs that prepare students for continuing education, the school-to-work transition, and a wide variety of interest areas. Students are expected to honor their course selections. It is the school’s position that schedule changes after the school year begins will disrupt instructional time. Staffing and the master schedule are determined by  spring course selections. After the first two calendar weeks of a semester, no schedule changes may be made. Any requested schedule change must have a parent signature and meet one of the following criteria:

  1. A course completed in summer school.
  2. Failure to meet course prerequisites.
  3. Failure to meet graduation requirements.

Schedule Course Withdrawal Policy

After the first two calendar weeks of a semester, students are expected to complete their selected courses. No withdrawals are allowed after that point in time. A withdrawal directed by a building administrator for a student’s absenteeism, tardiness, non-dress (PE) or disciplinary action will result in a final grade of “F.” In special circumstances, a building administrator may direct the withdrawal of a student with no negative consequences.