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Elkhart Central High School

Elkhart Central High School is considered the founding high school of Elkhart. The original “Old Central” school in downtown Elkhart (first constructed in 1868) served as the initial building serving students at that location through 1965, when the present Elkhart Central High School opened as Elkhart High School. For more information on the history of Elkhart High School, click HERE.  In 1972,  Elkhart Memorial High School was opened and the Elkhart High School facility became Elkhart Central High School. With the most recent renovation and construction project (concluded in 2000), Elkhart Central  has 112 classrooms, 13 computer labs, 14 science labs, and 3 lecture halls.

Elkhart Central offers over 200 courses designed to provide students with a curriculum that meets state standards but also engages them in the learning process based on their skills and interests. Elkhart Central’s highly regarded Advanced Placement program offers college-level courses in the areas of English, mathematics, science, art, computer science, music theory, and social studies.  The Elkhart Central Early College program has helped students to earn over 11,000 college credits in the past two years.

School Hours and Location

School Hours: 7:25 am to 2:40 pm; students are dismissed at 2:00 pm on Wednesdays.
Office Hours: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
School Address: 1 Blazer Boulevard, Elkhart IN 46516
Phone Number: 574-295-4700


News/Upcoming Events

Please visit our News page to see the latest Central news and for a list of upcoming events!


Breakfast/Lunch Menus

At Elkhart Community Schools Food Services, we know that good nutrition and learning go hand in hand! The Nutrition Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals who are dedicated to students’ health, well being, and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices. Click here to see the ECS Food Services page, including menus.


Official School Policies

We invite you to review the Elkhart Community Schools’ Notice of Non-Discrimination and Student Handbook as adopted by the Elkhart Community Schools Board of School Trustees. All district-wide school forms can be found on the Elkhart Community Schools Policies and Forms page.


School Delays and Closings

Please visit the Elkhart Community Schools’ School Delay and Closing page for up-to-date, accurate information about school closings and delays, as well as make-up schedules. The district will also post about school closings and delays on the official ECS Facebook page and the official ECS Twitter page.


Faculty/Staff Directory

Serge, Frank Principal
Berheide, Kelly Vice Principal
Grasty, Jason Assistant Principal
Harrison, Rhiannon Assistant Principal
Sassaman, Scott Assistant Principal
Buckley, Brian Athletic Director
Shattuck, Joshua Asst. Athletic Director
Behling, Susan Secretary 
Delks, Betsy Athletics Secretary
Krull, Rosemary Secretary/Office Manager
Maxson, Maribel Secretary
Wirt, Amanda Secretary
Wyatt, Dana Secretary/Treasurer
Sokolowski, Elizabeth Art Dept. Chair
Harrington, Kelly Art Teacher
Jager, Ashley Art Teacher
Pletcher, Patti Business Dept. Chair
Balch, Jake Business Teacher
Drews, Mike Business Teacher
Riley, Janet Business Teacher
Korn, Tracy English Dept. Chair
Baker, Kristin English Teacher
Brown, Sheila Paraprofessional
Buckley, Kelly English Teacher
Dubois, Colleen English Teacher
Elli, Janis English Teacher
Gonzalez, Tamara English Teacher
Gravender, Kris English Teacher
Lesniewicz, Kyle English Teacher
McQuay, Michelle English Teacher
Olson, Jesse English Teacher
Riblet, Krista English Teacher
Smith, Leslie English Teacher
Stine, Amy English Teacher
Townsley, Brittany English Teacher
Gorden, Anita FACS Dept. Chair
Herron, Andrea FACS Teacher
Jackson, Desiree FACS Teacher
Flagg, Sarah Guidance Dept. Chair
Bradshaw, Carol Secretary
Burns, Jerica Guidance Counselor
Chavez-Morales, Nora Guidance Counselor
Curry, Courtney Sec’y/Registrar
Gingrich, Bonnie Guidance Counselor
Kelley, Michael Guidance Counselor
Miles, Sarah Community Liaison
Roberson, Regina Guidance Counselor
Simon, Sherwin Social Worker
Nelson, Jena Math Dept. Chair
Bahbah, Neil Math Teacher
Dean, Kate Math Teacher
Guzman, Emily Math Teacher 
Halloran-Barnes, Jill Math Teacher
Horvath, Melissa Math Teacher
Johnson, Melissa Math Teacher
Kirkton, Jonathan Math Teacher
Mackiewicz, Jim Math Teacher
McDonald, Luccas Math Teacher
Pletcher, John Math Teacher
Starzyk, Cara Math Teacher
Wilson, Sasha Math Teacher
Windy, Matt Math Teacher
Young, Jami Math Teacher
Compton, Bradley Media Dept. Chair
Hobson, Teresa Secretary
Homan, Laura Paraprofessional
Niederer, William Music Dept. Chair/Choral
Baier, Laura Choral Accompanist
Burton, Dan Ass’t Band Director
Cook, Sean Ass’t Band Director
Elliott, David Band Director
Gwin, Lynne Ass’t Band Director
Hatfield, Jeffery Ass’t Orchestra Director
Kline, Betty Lou Secretary
Miller, Kyle Ass’t Orchestra Director
Reinert, Jeff Choral Director 
Tyson, Joshua Choral Director 
Weirich, Kyle Orchestra Director
Dickerson, Missie PE/Health Dept. Chair
Bender,  Bodie PE/Health Teacher
Erlacher, Matt PE/Health Teacher
Garretson, Amy PE/Health Teacher​ 
Milanese, Lisa Health Teacher
Sekal, Scott PE/Health Teacher
Jantzen, Eric Science Dept. Chair
Barnes, Scott Science Teacher
Bertsch, Sarah Science Teacher
Cisneros, Erin Science Teacher
Dauerty, Helene Science Teacher
Hoffman, Peter Science Teacher
Hren, Jeremy Science Teacher
Loth, Dan Science Teacher
McClelland, Paul Science Teacher
Salgado, Michelle Science Teacher
Sawtelle, Sara Science Teacher
Schibley, Jessica Science Teacher
Titus, Rachel Science Teacher
Starzyk, Steve Social Studies Dept. Chair
Drews, Carrie Social Studies Teacher
Hicks, David Social Studies Teacher
Nusbaum, Kathy Social Studies Teacher
Warstler, Haley Social Studies Teacher
Sadowey, John Social Studies Teacher
Shattuck, Joshua Social Studies Teacher
Shenk, Bekah Social Studies Teacher
Smith, Terry Social Studies Teacher
Whickcar, Zach Social Studies Teacher
Stutsman, Steve Special Ed. Dept. Chair 
DeJong, Nick Special Ed. Teacher
East, Cindi Special Ed. Teacher
Foster, Barbara Paraprofessional
French, Cody Special Ed. Teacher
Guthrie, Julie Special Ed. Teacher
Holt, Lori Special Ed. Teacher
Kijak, Karen Special Ed. Teacher
Miller, Tanisha Special Ed. Teacher
Morningstar, Nancy Paraprofessional
Reid, Kelly Special Ed. Teacher
Roach, Carol Special Ed. Teacher
Watt, Cory Special Ed. Teacher
Elli, Theodore Technology Dept. Chair
Delgado, David ROTC
Maure, James JAG Program
Schneider, April W. Languages Dept. Chair
DeVries, Maria ESL/Fr./Span. Teacher
Espinosa, Jennifer French Teacher
Forbes, Melissa Spanish, ESL Teacher
Grubaugh, Faith ESL Teacher
Hollett, Hiromi Japanese Teacher
House-James, Dinita Paraprofessional
McAninch, Scott German Teacher
Short, Melissa Spanish Teacher
Stauffer, Laura ASL Teacher
Torres, Katrina Paraprofessional
Westbrook, Jason Latin Teacher
Birkey, Cheryl Food Services Manager
Coatie, Will ISS Supervisor
Greene, William Detention Supervisor
Kinkaide, Jeff Head Custodian  
Freeland, Wendy Nurse
Stahl, John Security Desk
Stahl, Yolanda Study Hall Supervisor 


School Improvement Plan

To see the Elkhart Central School Improvement Plan, please click here: Central School Improvement Plan.



Alumni Association Information

We’re proud of the long-standing alumni community who found success through Elkhart Central. Please check back here for information about upcoming Alumni events.