Elkhart Community Schools operates over 100 school buses and transports more than 10,000 students every school day. That’s a lot of wheels on a lot of buses going round and round (you remember that childhood song, right?).

Yet we never forget two things. Safety is number one. Nothing matters more. After all, your kids are our kids. Yes, we may seem a little overprotective from time to time. A school delay or cancellation can wreak havoc on routines, but we know you understand. The safety of all "our" kids is the priority.

Number two, bus drivers are important folks. Maybe you remember one or two from your own school days. These amazing people are usually the first adults children see as they leave home in the morning, and the ones who are with them as their school day ends. So they see and hear plenty. Best of all, they care... and kids can smell genuine caring a mile away somehow.

School Walk Zones

The walk zone maps have been finalized for the 2014-2015 school year, and can be found using the links below.

Contact the transportation department at 262-5695 if you question whether or not a particular address is eligible for transportation service.

Beardsley Elementary Daly Elementary Monger Elementary Riverview Elementary
Beck Elementary Eastwood Elementary North Side Middle School Roosevelt Elementary
Bristol Elementary Feeser Elementary Osolo Elementary West Side Middle School
Central High School Hawthorne Elementary Pierre Moran Middle School Woodland Elementary
Cleveland Elementary Memorial High School Pinewood Elementary

If you have questions or would like more information, contact the ECS Transportation Department.

More information about transportation eligibility is available here.

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