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 The mission of Elkhart High School’s Athletic Department is to instill a high level of expectation, sportsmanship, and competition which strengthens the body, builds the mind, enriches the spirit, and enables our student-athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters to represent Elkhart High School in a positive way with a consistent demonstration of good sportsmanship and a determined insistence for excellence.

Elkhart has a rich history in athletics. We’ve had countless NIC and NLC individual and team champions play on our courts and fields. Student-athletes have had the chance to compete against top opponents and work with incredible coaches who are often their teachers in the classroom.  The athletics program is an integral part of the overall educational experience. We offer student-athletes the opportunity to experience growth, accomplishment, and success.  Student-athletes are challenged and supported by experienced coaches who promote and deepen understanding of the sport they coach.  In addition, they foster, through example and mentoring, a deep commitment to teammates, their school and the community. They have knowledge and experience that makes them extremely effective in preparing their teams for the next game while helping individual athletes progress to the next level in their athletic development.

As we look forward to another successful and rewarding sport season, we want to invite each of you to continue your support for all Elkhart High School teams through your enthusiastic attendance at many athletic events over the next several months. As always, we ask your cooperation in conducting yourself in a sportsmanlike manner at all times toward our opponents and the event officials. Please cheer for our Lions teams and student-athletes, not against the opponent.  We believe that you will be energized and enthused in seeing our tremendous student-athletes perform.

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