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1:1 Technology

Introduction and Rationale of Program
Learning in a 1:1 environment with iPads creates opportunities that would not be possible without technology.  In order for students to have productive and enjoyable lives, they must develop up-to-date knowledge and skills required by employers in the 21st century.  Students must increasingly collaborate with others, communicate effectively, think critically, and be creative in solving problems or completing tasks.

Students can use the iPads to discover so much about the world through investigations because of the access to sources reaching far outside the walls of Elkhart Community Schools.  Putting these devices into the hands of students allows them to access a world filled with information and opinions far different from those directly surrounding them.

Teaching and Learning Goals
Maximize student collaboration and cooperative learning
Increase engaging, rigorous student-centered learning experiences
Teach students 21st century literacy skills
Provide equitable, anytime access
Develop competent and responsible future-ready citizens
Prepare for success in future college, career, and life pursuits

Timeline of Full Implementation

  • Pierre Moran 1:1 – August 2017
  • Mary Beck 1:1 – August 2017
  • High School 1:1 – August 2018
  • Middle School 1:1 – October 2018
  • Elementary 1:1 – December 2018 through March 2020
  • Progress of 1:1 Program

Helpful Links

Learn more about the program – This video was created from the content shared at the parent informational meetings held at both high schools on May 3 and May 9 2018.  

1:1 Parent Information Handout

1:1 Parent Frequently Asked Questions – have a question about the iPads and classroom technology? Start here!

Acceptable Use Policy: – Know the rules and responsibilities for using technology in the district