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  • Students using laptop computers



  • Students at Elkhart Community Schools are exposed to the world of technology from the first day of kindergarten.
    • Keyboarding and computer classes in grades K-12
    • SMART Board technology in the majority of elementary classrooms
    • State of the art computer labs and laptops at all 21 schools within the district
    • From an early age, students are taught the power of technology and the internet when researching projects.
  • Highly-active and award-winning Robotics clubs that provide students with hands-on technology experience.
  • Elkhart Community Schools regularly host distance learning classrooms with interactive discussions between students and highly accredited professionals, including representatives from NASA, the Smithsonian, the Minnesota Zoo, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Kings County Office of Education (California). These discussions not only help reinforce the curriculum, but also expose students to different cultures and show them worlds of career opportunities within academic fields.


  • In order for a student to have access to computers and networks in ECS schools, parents and students must sign and return this form, agreeing to abide by the district’s acceptable use policy (board policy IGBC). The policy establishes rules regarding what is and what is not acceptable use of the district’s technology systems. You are encouraged to read these documents and ask questions if you find anything that seems unclear. They exist to protect your children, and to ensure that opportunities to use technology will be available for all.