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2017 Employees of the Year

Elkhart Community Schools recognizes that the success of our students depends on hundreds of supportive staff members, from paraprofessionals to technical support. It is in this recognition that we ask our employees to nominate coworkers who have gone above and beyond to help each other and students, toward our goal of providing the highest level of education. We proudly present this year’s Distinguished Support Staff of the Year.

Sandra Zajac
Distinguished Support (District)
Staff of the Year Award

Teresa McLain
Distinguished Support (Elementary)
Staff of the Year Award
Christine Otto
Distinguished Support (Secondary)
Staff of the Year Award

Read more about Sandra, Teresa. and Christine, and see all of our nominated staff members here:
2017 Employees of the Year


RX Help Center

For many employees and their family members, the costs of prescription drugs can be difficult to absorb.  This has become even more of a challenge as employers, like Elkhart Community Schools, have moved to high deductible consumer driven health plans.

Recently, the Board of School Trustees entered into an agreement with RX Help Center.  RX Help Center’s business is to look for alternative funding sources to help cover the cost of prescription drugs.  They will work on behalf of employees who request their support to locate non-traditional funding sources to cover the costs of expensive prescription drugs.  Their work benefits both our insurance plan and the employee.  While not every employee or family member will benefit from the work of RX Help Center, we hope it will be beneficial to those individuals who are struggling with especially high prescription drug costs.

The decision to work with RX Help Center is strictly voluntary and at no cost to you.

Additional information about RX Help Center: RX Center Website