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Please see a list of all schools to the left, which will direct you to that school’s page. On each school page, you will find school contact information and a map to the school.

Elementary Schools (Grades K-6)

  • An education at Elkhart Community Schools begins in one of our 14 elementary schools: Beardsley, Bristol, Cleveland, Eastwood, Hawthorne, Mary Beck, Mary Daly, Mary Feeser, Monger, Osolo, Pinewood, Riverview, Roosevelt and Woodland.
  • Our elementary schools are warm, caring, friendly places that are safe for children, families, community and staff. Students in Elkhart learn the foundation of their
    education through our elementary schools, and begin career and interest exploration. Elementary students are introduced to athletics, band, and orchestra. Students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities in the community. Our diverse and talented elementary school staff are dedicated to being lifetime learners themselves. As dedicated professionals, they are eager to try new strategies and activities to help students achieve.

Middle Schools (Grades 7-8)

  • Elkhart Community Schools’ three middle schools are a place for students to prepare for high school and the future: North Side, Pierre Moran and West Side. Students in middle school are encouraged to explore their passions and talents through high level classes, specialized curriculum, groups and organizations.

High Schools (Grade 9-12)

  • Students at one of Elkhart Community Schools’ two high schools are further educated and encouraged to explore their passions, as they prepare for graduation: Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial. Students not only receive the state-required basics, but are also taught life skills, such as money management. Students in ECS high schools are able to participate in a variety of programs that can help them identify potential paths for their future including post-secondary education, specialized trades and the military. Students are also encouraged to participate in one of the over 50 clubs offered at each school to learn more about themselves and their interests.
  • For information on Curriculum Guides and High School Graduation Requirements, please visit our Instructional Leadership.


School Boundaries

If you are unsure which school your child will attend, this map can give you a general idea where our schools are located around the Elkhart community. For specific school boundaries, please see the following maps.

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

For information on School Walk Zones, please see our Transportation page.