Elkhart Central High School

A dedicated and caring faculty and support staff, excellent facilities, and a community that cares about the education of its young people are all part of what makes Elkhart Central High School an engaging and stimulating place. If you were to ask a student what they liked about being a Blue Blazer, you would get a wide variety of answers. Some would tell you they like the great number of academic opportunities that are available. Some would tell you they appreciate the vast number of extracurricular opportunities in which students can become involved. Some will tell you they have a great time going to ball games, musical events, and dances. Regardless of a student’s interests and abilities, each has the opportunity to get a quality education and the preparation needed for taking that next step in their lives. Finally, you can be assured that all will tell you, “Once a Blazer, always a Blazer!”


Thank you to the Elkhart Truth for supplying photos of our sporting events.

One Blazer Blvd., Elkhart, IN 46516
Tel: 574-295-4700
Fax: 574-295-4712
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Elkhart Central School Improvement Plan

Principal: Frank Serge
Vice Principal: Kelly Berheide
Assistant Principal: Jason Grasty
Assistant Principal: Rhiannon Harrison
Assistant Principal: Scott Sassaman
Freshman Division Principal: JeNeva Ward
Secretary: Rosemary Krull
Athletic Director: Brian Buckley
Assistant Athletic Director: Joshua Shattuck
School hours: 7:25 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.

Principal Frank Serge
Frank Serge