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Elkhart has long been known for its culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Elkhart Community Schools has a rich history of educating students who have become leaders in the Elkhart community and throughout the world. The vision for Elkhart High School is to prepare all students to become empowered citizens who have the ability to change their community and the world.

In our rapidly changing world, students need to be prepared for success after high school. In Fall 2021, students at Elkhart High School will attend one of six Schools of Study.

What are the six Schools of Study?
The Schools of Study within Elkhart High School are small learning communities of students and teachers organized around areas of interest. Students have the opportunity to connect with other students with similar aspirations and with teachers who can make meaningful connections to their plans for the future.  

Schools of Study Badges

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Six Schools of Study

Arts & Communication


Arts and Communication

Students in the Arts & Communication school of study will develop an understanding of creatively expressing and interpreting meaning through words, design, and various media. Career fields include: advertising, audio/visual, cinematography, commercial art/illustration, graphic arts, performing arts, music, web design.

EHS: Arts & Communication / introduction video
EHS: Arts & Communication / teacher video


Business and International Relations

Business and International Relations

Students in the Business and International Relations school of study will develop an understanding of impacting local and international commerce, cultures, and politics. Career fields include: business management & administration, finance, government & public administration, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship.

EHS: Business and International Relations / introduction video
EHS: Business and International Relations / teacher video


Engineering, Technology, and Innovation

Engineering, Technology, and Innovation

Students in the Engineering, Technology, and Innovation school of study will develop an understanding of real-world solutions from conceptualization through completion, through the use of technology, engineering design, and advanced manufacturing. Career fields include: aeronautics, architecture, automotive, CAD, information technology, physics, welding.

EHS: Engineering, Technology, and Innovation / introduction
EHS: Engineering, Technology, and Innovation / teacher video


Health & Public Safety

Health and Public Safety

Students in the Health & Public Safety school of study will develop an understanding of advancing the physical and social health of individuals and communities. Career fields include: law enforcement, public safety, firefighting, EMT, medicine, nursing, athletic training, mental health, forensic science, radiology.

EHS: Health & Public Safety / introduction video
EHS: Health & Public Safety / teacher video


Human Services

Human Services

Students in the Human Services school of study will develop an understanding of improving the quality of human life, through a focus on human development and services. Career fields include: culinary arts, childcare, cosmetology, counseling, education, hospitality management, social work, tourism.

EHS: Human Services / introduction
EHS: Human Services / teacher video


Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Students in the Natural Resources school of study will explore the science of the world and strive to make a positive impact on the world through scientific inquiry and discovery. Career fields include: agriculture, biology, chemistry, environmental science, food science, geology, horticulture, meteorology, veterinary science.

EHS: Natural Resources / introduction
EHS: Natural Resources / teacher video


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