Osolo Elementary

You can’t judge a school by its exterior appearance–or can you? While the outer appearance of Osolo Elementary School is impressive, what is more impressive is what you see once you enter the school.

The bright and contemporary design of the school is immediately welcoming to children and families. Yet it is the genuine caring of the staff that makes people feel comfortable and in no hurry to leave. Osolo Elementary is home to some of the most sincere and capable educational staff and volunteers in our district.

Osolo’s students excel in this warm and inspiring environment. They know that every staff member, from the principal to the custodian, is there to help them learn, achieve, and grow into the best person they can be.

24975 CR 6 East, Elkhart, IN 46514
Tel: 574-262-5590
Fax: 574-262-5799
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Principal: Gary Gardner
Academic Dean: Kristine Weimer
Secretary: Sherry Auker
School hours: 8:35 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.

Principal Gary Gardner
Gary Gardner