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Health Services

  • Full-time nursing services are provided in all high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Our nurses provide a variety of services, including: attending to the health needs of children that arise during the school day; dispensing medications and providing other medical assistance as ordered by physicians and authorized by parents; providing vision, dental, and other screenings, in compliance with state law; enforcing state immunization requirements; offering instruction to supplement the regular health curriculum; and providing a variety of required trainings and screening for staff members of the district. John McClure, RN, serves as the district’s Health Services Coordinator.


School Nurses Contact Information

  • Elementary Schools
    • Beardsley: Lois Keisling, RN (262-5575)
    • Beck: Cathy Lindhe, RN (295-4830)
    • Bristol: Jenny Novara, RN (848-7421)
    • Cleveland: Katherine Hocker, RN (262-5580)
    • Daly: Diana Duncan, RN (295-4870)
    • Eastwood: Laura Miller, RN (262-5583)
    • Feeser: Heidi Schuller (262-5586)
    • Hawthorne:  Tracey Mayfield, RN (295-4820)
    • Monger: Mary Downing (295-4860)
    • Osolo: Pat Denlinger, RN (262-5590)
    • Pinewood: Katheline Goodrich, RN (262-5595)
    • Riverview: Barb Estrup, RN (295-4850)
    • Roosevelt: John McClure, RN (295-4840)
    • Woodland: Cindy Westfall, RN (262-5578)
  • Middle Schools
    • North Side: Lorrie Bjornstad, RN (262-5570)
    • Pierre Moran: Deborah Douglas, RN (295-4805)
    • West Side: Brenda McClure, RN (295-4815)
  • High Schools
    • Central: Wendy Freeland (295-4722)
    • Memorial: Jennifer Geers, RN (262-5607)