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Social Workers

  • Social work services are provided at all schools in Elkhart Community Schools, with full-time social workers assigned in the PACE Preschool, and at Beardsley, Beck, Cleveland, Hawthorne, Roosevelt, Woodland Elementary schools, as well as at all secondary schools including Tipton Street Center. Part-time services are provided at Bristol, Daly, Eastwood, Feeser, Monger, Osolo, Pinewood, and Riverview. Additionally, full-time social work is provided for special education transition.
  • Social workers provide a number of services including individual and group counseling, attendance monitoring, helping families connect with needed community services, helping parents complete social-developmental histories required when psychological testing is warranted, assisting when families are in need of food, shelter, clothing, and a variety of other activities intended to help assure that students are in school under the best circumstances for them to be successful.


Parent Resource Coordinators

  • Elkhart Community Schools’ ten Title 1 schools, those with a large number of low income families in their attendance areas, are making a real effort to serve not only the children in their districts, but also the students’ parents and guardians.
  • Each of the Title I schools employs a Parent Support Coordinator to help parents find the community resources they need to better the lives of their families.
  • Parent Support Coordinators provide information on everything from how to obtain tutoring services for children to job guidance and finding resources for paying bills.


Social Workers Contact Information

  • Elementary Schools
    • Beardsley: Jan Beutter (262-5575)
    • Beck: Carolyn Peters (295-4830)
    • Bristol: TBD (848-7421)
    • Cleveland: Susan Clifton (262-5580)
    • Daly: Erin Rapp (295-4870)
    • Eastwood: Natalie Murphey (262-5583)
    • Feeser: Leslie Gilpin (262-5586)
    • Hawthorne: Jamie Bontrager (295-4820)
    • Monger: Leslie Gilpin (295-4860)
    • Osolo: Natalie Murphey (262-5590)
    • Pinewood: Lindsay Evans (262-5595)
    • Riverview: Heather Shelley (295-4850)
    • Roosevelt: Jacques Neal (295-4840)
    • Woodland: Gayla Konanz (262-5578)
  • Middle Schools
    • North Side: Tracey Miller (262-5570)
    • Pierre Moran: Eulah Mitchell (295-4805)
    • West Side: Jami Presswood (295-4815)
    • Elkhart academy at Tipton Street Center: Donna Gildea (295-4903)
  • High Schools
    • Central: Sherwin Simon (295-4722)
    • Memorial: Tara Butler (262-5607)
    • Elkhart academy at Tipton Street Center: Donna Gildea (295-4903)
  • Special Programs
    • PACE Preschool: Jamie Burks (262-5833)
    • Special Education Transitions: Deb Pinnyei (295-4903)


Parent Resource Coordinators Contact Information

  • Beardsley: Dorrene Johnson (262-5575)
  • Beck: Michelle Atayde (295-4830)
  • Bristol: Kevin Brandy (848-7421)
  • Daly: Diana Liptak (295-4877)
  • Hawthorne: Carina Losa (295-4820)
  • Monger: Camelia Corona (295-4860)
  • Osolo: DeShawn Barnes (262-5590)
  • Riverview: Cindy Gilbert (295-4850)
  • Roosevelt: Tonda Hines (295-4840)
  • Woodland: Theresa Maier (262-5578)