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  • In-District Transfers
    • The school a student attends is determined by boundaries established by policies of the Board of School Trustees. Those policies also allow for a parent to request transfer to a school outside of the established attendance area. All requests for such transfer need to be filed with the Student Services Department.
    • Transfers may be granted to prevent undue personal hardship for a student or the student’s family, to allow for educational continuity in the event of a student’s and/or family’s relocation once the school year has begun, or for special circumstances or needs of the student. In addition to the presenting reason for the request, transfer decisions are based on space availability in the class(es) and program(s) of the requested school as well as the student’s past attendance and discipline history. All granted transfers are conditional upon the transferred student maintaining satisfactory attendance and behavior. It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to transport a student approved for transfer to and from the receiving school. All transfers are reviewed and granted on an annual basis.
    • Parent(s)/guardian(s) seeking transfer need to come to the Student Services Department, located in the J. C. Rice Educational Services Center, 2720 California Road, between 7:30am and 4:30pm to apply for transfer.


  • Non-Resident Transfers
    • As defined in Board Policy JECB, a “non-resident student” is a student whose legal settlement is outside the boundaries of Elkhart Community Schools. The Board Policy specifies that non-residents may be accepted as students on an annual basis provided:
      1. the request is for education reasons
      2. their enrollment would not result in costs to ECS beyond state reimbursement
      3. the student is in good standing in his/her resident school corporation or other institution (private or parochial school) most recently attended
      4. no section or class will be overcrowded by the student’s attendance
      5. enrollment of the student will not adversely affect the programming of resident students
      6. no increase of staff will be required
      7. the student will accept placement in the grade and school designated by the administration
      8. parent(s), guardian(s), or custodian(s) agree to provide transportation to and from school
      9. the request is not for athletic purposes
      10. Indiana students will be given preference
    • Students with legal settlement in Indiana who are approved for non-resident admission may attend without payment of transfer tuition provided their application has been received and approved on or before August 1 and then enrolled on or before the date established by the State Board of Education for the collection of the official membership count. Students in any grade level who apply for admission as a non-resident student after August 1 and who are approved for non-resident admission shall be charged transfer tuition in an amount determined according to the formula prescribed by applicable Indiana statutes. Students with legal settlement outside of Indiana shall be charged the full cost of tuition, with payment due at the Business Office in advance of the student’s enrollment, unless an approved transfer has been issued by another school corporation.
    • Parent(s)/guardian(s) seeking transfer need to come to the Student Services Department, located in the J. C. Rice Educational Services Center, 2720 California Road, between 7:30am and 4:30pm to apply for transfer.


  • How to Transfer to Elkhart Community Schools
    • Parents should contact the district’s Students Services Department at 574-262-5555. They will be asked to provide a copy of the student’s attendance, academic, and disciplinary records. These can be obtained from the student’s current school. Parents will also need to sign a transfer request.
    • All of these items should be delivered to the J.C. Rice Administration Building, 2720 California Road, Elkhart, IN 46514 (the building is located just west of Memorial High School).
    • Following a review of the student’s records, parents will be contacted regarding the status of the transfer request.
    • There is no tuition fee to attend Elkhart Community Schools if you are a resident of Indiana, but parents of transfer students will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school.