The Elkhart Difference: Statistics

  • Founded in late 1880’s, Elkhart Community Schools has a 130-year tradition of educating high-achieving students, including Olympic Medalists (Lindsay Benko), NASA Award Winners (Alden Bushnell), Pulitzer Prize Winners (Charles Gordone), Journalists (Ernestine Evans, also an Early Women’s Rights Advocate), Scientists (Alexa Sieracki), Entrepreneurs (Jonathan Eppers), Philanthropists (David Gundlach), thousands of students and graduates who have earned accolades for their accomplishments and countless students who have achieved success and return to mentor the children of Elkhart.
  • School population: approximately 13,000 students
  • For complete statistics on Elkhart Community Schools, we encourage you to visit the Elkhart Community Schools page on the Indiana Department of Education website.
  • ISTEP+ scores:
    • Elkhart Community Schools students continue to improve their ISTEP scores each year, at a rate much higher than the state average improvement.


  • Graduation rates (2015):
    • 88.4% (Elkhart Memorial High School)
    • 87.7% (Elkhart Central High School)
    • Historical view of graduation rates for Elkhart Community Schools versus the state average: