The staff at Mary Daly works side-by-side with our students and families to understand their needs to ensure academic success at Mary Daly and beyond.

To see all of Mary Daly’s standardized test results, please see the Mary Daly page on the IDOE website: Mary Daly Elementary.



Mary Daly is leading the region in developing a comprehensive coding curriculum for students. Students first learn the mathematical and graphing basis for coding, then further develop their technical coding skills by working online with basic and advanced coding. The staff at Mary Daly has trained extensively with to develop leading edge curriculum for our students in this growing field.


Career Units

Another unique curricular opportunity for Mary Daly students exists in their career exploration units. At the beginning of each year, classrooms determine a general career field in which they would like to explore opportunities, such as animal science or politics. Through robust curriculum development that incorporates all subject fields, students are given the opportunity to further explore what it means to specialize and work in those fields. Students are able to meet with professionals within those fields, as well as a variety of fields, to ask questions and develop a sense of greater understanding in their future options.



PowerSchool is the Elkhart Community Schools’ online portal for all student information, including report cards, test scores, absences/tardies and monitoring lunch money balances. PowerSchool is utilized district-wide and updated in real time.

Communication preferences can also be set through PowerSchool’s Contact Manager. In this system, parents can review contact information (changes must be made by contacting your child’s school) and opt to receive texts, email messages and phone calls about emergency situations, closings/delays and general information.

Available information and reports through PowerSchool: Grades and Attendance, Grades History, Attendance History, School Bulletin, Fee Balances, Test Scores, Discipline Log, Access Log and Contact Manager