Memorial Chargers Fall Cheerleading

Coach’s Note


The Charger Cheerleaders had a busy and productive summer.  Teams were selected, practices were held, conditioning was done, and the start of some fun and memorable team bonding took place, including packing boxes at Feed the Children and a trip to the beach.

Knowing that this is our final fall season for Elkhart Memorial Cheer, we are focused on creating some really fantastic memories as a team.  We can’t wait to spend this season not only cheering for the Chargers, but also getting to know each other better and becoming super close.  We’re definitely going to create lots of picture worthy moments (check out our official Twitter account to see the fun @MHSChargerCheer).

Again this fall, we will host another Kiddie Cheer Camp.  Over the last 2 years, nearly 200 kiddos have joined us for our festive camps.  It’s one of our most spirited and fun fall experiences.

As always our goal is to boost school spirit and pride.  Let’s work together to be loud and proud and carry high the gold and crimson!

-Courtney Kipker, Head Coach

Team Schedule


Coach’s Bio

My love for cheerleading started at a young age.  Although we didn’t have actual cheerleaders at my elementary school, we did have a spirit club that I excitedly participated in.  In fact, as far back as I can remember I always had a lot of school spirit.  I clearly remember trying out for cheerleading in eighth grade with laryngitis and somehow still making the team.  What a memory!  I continued cheering in high school.  I graduated from Indiana University (South Bend) with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies.  A goal of mine is to go back to school and earn my Master’s Degree.

As time passed, I noticed that my love for kids and for cheer never really went away.  I began coaching cheer at West Side Middle School in August of 2002.  Not only did the girls cheer for football and basketball games, we were also very highly involved in cheer competitions.  During our last season of competitions, we were 8-0.  We often scored more total points than high school teams and we received a bid to compete at Nationals.  Throughout that time, I also helped coach a “pee wee” gymnastics and cheer team at a local gym.  To focus more on family, I resigned in 2006 when I become pregnant with my daughter.

After taking a break from coaching for four years, in June of 2010, I started as the Head Cheer here at EMHS.  My first year was very challenging as I made substantial changes to the cheer program.  I worked very hard to create a respectable and structured program that focused on commitment, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, leadership and a strong work ethic.