Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

Family and Consumer Science Department prepares our students with the knowledge and skills to manage personal life, family life, work life, and careers across a lifespan of living.  We continue to implement hands-on activities, technology, and team building skills into the Family and Consumer Science curriculum at Elkhart High School West.

-Rachael Meyers, FACS Department Chair

For additional information about the Family and Consumer Science Program at Elkhart High School West, please contact Rachael Meyers, Department Chair.


Family and Consumer Science Classes Offered

For full class descriptions, availability, credit fulfillment information and prerequisites, please see the Course Description Guide.

  • Child Development and Parenting I
  • Advanced Child Development
  • Nutrition and Wellness I
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts and Hospitality
  • Advanced Nutrition and Wellness A
  • Advanced Nutrition and Wellness B
  • Food and Fitness
  • Human Development and Family Wellness
  • Introduction to Fashion and Textiles
  • Fashion and Textiles Careers A
  • Fashion and Textiles Careers B
  • Housing and Interior Design
  • Consumer Economics
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Preparing for College and Careers
  • Independent Study