Elkhart High School West’s Science Department offers 16 different courses to students with various academic performances and interests.  Students interested in a science, medical, or engineering career can take Honors courses as well as any of the five Advanced Placement (AP) courses including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental, and Physics.  Students interested in the medical field can also take Anatomy and/or Genetics and Biochemistry courses.  Students interested in technical schools can earn college credit in our Early College program.  Elkhart’s summer travel Marine Biology and Colorado courses are coordinated and taught by Elkhart High School science teachers.  Solar and radio telescopes are available to students along with independent studies.  Students can additionally be involved in science clubs outside the regular classroom with our Physics, Chemistry, and Bio Gene clubs.

-Ed Hibshman, Science Department Chair

For additional information about the Science Program at Elkhart High School West, please contact Ed Hibshman, Department Chair.


Science Classes Offered

For full class descriptions, availability, credit fulfillment information and prerequisites, please see the Course Description Guide.

  • Biology I
  • Biology I, Honors
  • Biology II: Genetics
  • Biology II: Ecology
  • Biology, Advanced Placement
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physics I, Advanced Placement
  • Physics II, Advanced Placement
  • Chemistry I
  • Chemistry, Advanced Placement
  • Integrated Chemistry – Physics
  • Field Experience in Earth Science – Summer Program, includes 14-day field trip to Colorado (Facebook page)
  • Field Experience in Marine Biology (Biology II) – Summer Program, includes 14-day field trip to New England (Facebook page)