Special Education

Consisting of 12 teachers and 17 paraprofessionals, the Special Education department at Elkhart High School West supports and guides students with various disabilities to school success, with the goal of becoming life-long learners, and productive citizens. Elkhart High School West is an inclusive school, where students are taught in the least restrictive environment according to their needs.  We work with a wide range of learning, emotional and physical disabilities within the classrooms.  We have paraprofessionals in the classrooms, staffed resource rooms, and direct-taught specialized classes to help students reach their full-potential.  We focus on the whole student, helping them gain confidence in not just academic skills, but life-skills, and transition needs.  We want our students to be successful and prepared once they leave Elkhart High School West. Our services also come in levels of support.  Students identified as MiMH may receive more intensive supports than those identified as LD, SLD or OHI.  Students identified as ED may receive different types of service and supports than other students.  Each student receives the level and type of support they need to be successful at Elkhart Memorial High School.  We look forward to working with our students, and their families, to meet the individual needs of our students.

-Kris Bartley, Special Education Department Chair

For additional information about the Special Education Program at Elkhart High School West, please contact Kris Bartley, Department Chair.


Special Education Classes Offered

For full class descriptions, availability, credit fulfillment information and prerequisites, please see the Course Description Guide.

  • English (Grade 9)
  • English (Grade 10)
  • English (Grade 11)
  • English (Grade 12)
  • Math (Grade 9)
  • Math (Grade 10)
  • World History (Grade 9)
  • U.S. History (Grade 10)
  • American Government (Grade 12)
  • Pre-vocational Information (Grade 10)
  • Vocational Information (Grade 11)
  • Vocational Information (Grade 12)
  • Work Orientation Cooperative Training (Grades 11-12)
  • Basic Skills (Grades 9-12)
  • Wilson Reading System (Grades 9-12)