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Athletics and Clubs

Programs at Elkhart Memorial offer opportunities for students to grow socially and emotionally. Athletic programs and interest clubs help students build confidence in themselves and learn to rely on and cooperate with their teammates. These programs benefit not only the students, but also the entire community. Sporting events and club program events are places where people gather to support their own children’s efforts, to cheer on their neighbors’ children, or just to meet with their friends and watch good competition.

Memorial Athletic Programs

Elkhart Memorial is proud to represent our students, school, alumni, and city on the fields, courts, and courses of athletic competition. We currently offer 21 varsity sports, serving hundreds of our student-athletes. To learn more about the athletic programs at Elkhart Memorial, please visit our Memorial Chargers Athletics Page.


Memorial Interest Clubs and Activities

*Clubs in bold are live links to their websites and/or social media accounts