Booming Success with Pierre Moran Music Video

Not only did our Pierre Moran seventh grade orchestra students have a blast, but they recently reached over 815,000 people with their creative holiday performance using boomwhackers.

Kyle Miller, the orchestra director at Pierre Moran, found the inspiration for this performance two years ago while attending a summer program. The four boomwhacker performers were handpicked by Kyle – for things like good grades, positive attitude, and the need to see something inspirational.

“The great part about boomwhackers is that while they are not a traditional orchestra instrument, they are still producing music. The musical skills from these four students cross over from the other instruments they play,” said Kyle. When asked about this performance reaching so many people, “my students are so excited, and now our eighth graders are eager to learn something similar.”

The biggest aspect of this video reaching so many people that resonates with Kyle is his students have the opportunity to see they aren’t in a small bubble inside Elkhart, that they have the chance to reach everyone in the larger community – and much further away.

Part of reaching people from across the country includes other teachers, who have asked Kyle how to replicate the performance in their schools. “So often, we find inspiration in other people. We hear inspiring stories. It feels so good to know that this performance has inspired others to have fun with music,” said Kyle.

Kyle is also proud that through this performance, the story of Pierre Moran has reached a much broader community. Pierre Moran has a rich orchestral and musical history, having scored a Gold rating at every regional competition over the last 33 years. Kyle hopes to inspire more kids to participate in music, “music really helps develop the whole learner. It helps a person feel a greater connection to the world and other academic material. Music enriches lives.”

Check out the Pierre Moran boomwhackers video here: