Inside ECS: Tim Myers, Cleveland Elementary

At Cleveland Elementary School is a 4th grade classroom where 19 high ability students spend their afternoon quietly reading the first chapter of two separate books. Their teacher, Mr. Myers, explains that they are deciding which of the two books they like better, then will decide which book to continue reading. It is with this process through which he knows his students will enjoy the book they choose to read.

Tim Myers has been a teacher for 13 years, eight years at Mary Daly Elementary School, five of which were in a Kindergarten classroom, which he reflects on with a smile, saying that kindergarten taught him everything he knows about teaching. Tim graduated from Bethel College and had the unique learning experience of teaching at the same grade level that his own kids were in, up until he settled with 4th grade being his passion.

Sharing his excitement of teaching, Tim explains that he likes to meet the kids on their level, with the thought of “enjoying the kids where they are, not trying to make them something they’re not.” Through project-based learning, Tim uses the student’s own inquisitive curiosity to discover and learn. He feels the students get more value and engage deeper from learning on their own. By letting the kids ask questions, create and build hands-on projects, he can incorporate math, science, and everyday curriculum into motivating projects in the classroom.

Watching the class answer the simple question of “what advice a 4th grade class needs,” you can easily see that he and his students have a fun but respectful relationship. They are excited to participate, have full knowledge of the importance of personal responsibility, and take their time accomplishing their tasks.

Elkhart Community Schools is excited to have Mr. Myers as one of the many great and inspirational teachers on staff.