Inside ECS: Josh Kinder, Pierre Moran

Building a community is something that impacts every day of Josh Kinder’s life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

As a math teacher at Pierre Moran Middle School, Josh is dedicated to building a better community right here at the corner of Prairie and Lusher. He finds inspiration in his interactions with a real cross-section of people from the Elkhart community, and through getting to know them.

Josh’s favorite part about teaching is working with kids – their engagement and willingness to interact openly, the freedom with which they speak. He encourages introspection with his students – challenging them to look back to see their progress and growth. He enjoys the challenge of coming up with lessons and loves to show his students the deeper application for math. He’s only been with ECS for a few years, but he’s excited to watch his students grow and looks forward to watching them graduate.

One really special aspect of teaching for Josh is the opportunity to get to know recent immigrants – to welcome them to America and help them find their place, drawing from his own ancestors’ experiences of coming here from very small, rural towns. He also enjoys the one-to-one connections he gets through coaching, recalling a very special moment last year when one of his students broke two school records.

Outside of the classroom, Josh remains focused on the community. He lives in a co-house with eight neighbors, who collectively provide meals and workshops for one another and guests. It creates a further close-knit sense of community within his own home. He also volunteers as a transitional coach with Center for Community Justice.

We’re thankful for Josh and the great community work he’s doing to make Elkhart, Pierre Moran, and Elkhart Community Schools a better place!