Inside ECS: Sue Artley, Food Services

If you’re the parent of one of the 400 plus children at ECS with food allergies, you likely know Sue Artley. But if you don’t know her, rest assured, she knows the needs of your child. It’s under Sue’s graceful and cautious care as the district Allergy Specialist that meals are carefully prepared for all of our students with food allergies.

Sue’s role in the Food Service department is more like a calling to her – she knows students with allergies may feel “different” than other kids – she wants to create meals for them that are delicious and make them feel like every other student. She knows her role in keeping kids safe is a big responsibility, and is thankful and honored for the trust parents place in her.

It’s a role she doesn’t take lightly, “every day, we review which kids have which allergies. We look at what we’re serving on the menu, we understand exactly what ingredients are used, we run lists and reports to see which students need to have their meals adjusted or changed. And then we label everything. We look at everything; and then we look again. We double and triple check things to make sure students are safe.”

When she is not at work, Sue’s greatest joy comes from spending time and cooking with her family, including her five grandchildren and her great-granddaughter.

Recognizing the importance of family, some of Sue’s favorite moments at work come from the interactions she has with the families of students with allergies. Sue’s favorite calls come from the parents when she’s served something a child really likes, and the parent asks where to find it or how to make it. It’s clear Sue has a lot of pride in the service she provides for families. She also has a lot of pride in her coworkers – saying everyone in food service has the same mission and works their hardest to provide nutritious meals to students.

We’re proud and honored to have Sue on our staff.