Inside ECS – Sharvon Robinson, EACC

When you ask teachers what their passion is, most are quick to respond with teaching, but for Sharvon Robinson, teaching was her second calling; nursing was her first.

Sharvon Robinson is the Early College Health Care Specialist instructor at the Elkhart Area Career Center. She is a nurse by trade, but having led her study groups at Bethel College, she saw an opportunity to lead as a teacher. She felt it was a very natural transition – nurses are natural teachers, always teaching patients about medicines and procedures. Her teaching career began at Bethel, teaching a clinical group. When the position at the EACC arose, she saw a great opportunity.

“What better group of people to work with than high school students?” she says about working with students at the EACC. “It’s easy to make mistakes when you are learning in the medical field. It’s such a great opportunity to work with high school students who are motivated to work in the medical field – they are so eager to learn and grow. When they make mistakes, they learn from them.  It’s amazing having the opportunity to teach and guide them.”

The Health Care Specialist program at the EACC has evolved from an introduction to health careers into a program that offers 30+ college credits through Ivy Tech Community College and a Technical Certificate as a Health Specialist, as well as EKG and EMT Certifications. Successful completion of the program at EACC provides students with half the college credits they need to earn an Associate’s Degree in Health Care Specialist.

It’s an opportunity Sharvon wishes she’d had as a high school student. “The things our students are learning – vital signs, patient skills, equipment operation, techniques for treating a wide variety of patients – these are things they normally don’t teach until college. I teach our students about careers, too. There are so many things you can do with a nursing degree, besides patient care. Nursing degrees can be used for administration, research, or even law.”

In the medical field, trust and relationships are critical to success. This is something Sharvon recognizes with her students, and she works hard to become a trusted teacher and mentor for her students, treating them all with the care of a parent, and focused on their success. This extra effort is noticed by her students, as well – Sharvon was nominated by a Mishawaka student as the teacher who had the greatest influence on her education experience (K-12).

Outside of work, Sharvon enjoys spending time with her kids, aged 7 and 8. She loves having summers off to spend with them. She also likes to read and stay current with the nursing and medical field, and also keeps active with Zumba and dancing.

Thank you to Sharvon Robinson, for your dedication to our students and helping them succeed!