Zach Wilfert, Tech Services

We’ve all run into inevitable technology issues from time to time. In those moments of panic and frustration, support technician Zach Wilfert can mean a world of difference for the staff at Elkhart Community Schools.

Zach’s background isn’t exactly typical for a tech services support technician – with a degree in biology and experience as a forklift driver – but his road to Elkhart Community Schools wasn’t exactly typical for someone in the tech world, either. In today’s world of high tech, Zach laughs when he says he found out about this position in the classified section of the printed newspaper. But between his knowledge of technology and his dedication to providing great customer service, Zach is a perfect fit in the Tech Services department at Elkhart Community Schools.

Education has always been an interest for Zach – but he finds the most satisfaction in helping those who are educating kids by supporting their technology needs. He says he finds it very rewarding to be able to help, and says this job is the most he’s ever looked forward to coming in to work. Zach says the most important aspect of working in tech services doesn’t come on the “tech” side, but more on the “services” side. “You can teach anyone the technology aspect,” says Zach. “But being able to work with others, to collaborate, provide true customer service – that’s where our department excels.”

It’s this service component that earns accolades from around the district. Service technicians try to get in and out of classrooms without interrupting instruction, but Zach remembers a time when the teacher stopped teaching, and the entire class thanked him for repairing their projector lamp. It was a heartwarming moment for him, and he’s happy he’s able to provide teachers and classrooms the help they need.

When it comes to technology in the classroom, Zach wishes more people were aware of how much instruction has changed, even just in the past few years. When he was in school, he learned about World War II in a book, something that’s drastically different for students now who engage in interactive displays on computers and iPads. He’s happy to support the growing technology program at Elkhart Community Schools.

Outside of work, Zach is working on obtaining his pilot’s license through involvement with the Mishawaka Pilots Club, and also hopes to get back into rock climbing, something he enjoyed in college. He also loves to cook and works evenings as a cook at Beef O’Brady’s. Zach lives in Edwardsburg – in his grandma’s old house, which he purchased from her estate when she passed away, something that’s special for him and his family as they share memories of the past.

Thanks to Zach and the rest of the Tech Services team for keeping our computers and devices up and running!