Inside ECS – Pam Reid, Pinewood

For over 15 years, Pam Reid has supported the needs of students in Elkhart as a paraprofessional. Pam’s career with Elkhart Community Schools started while she was volunteering as a parent at Mary Daly. During her time as a volunteer, a paraprofessional role in special education became open and it was a natural fit for her. Since then, her roles have varied at different schools – including Mary Daly, Hawthorne, and Pinewood – and she loves her current role at Pinewood.

As a paraprofessional, Pam supports teachers in their classrooms and also works with students outside of the classroom, both in group and individual settings, to assist students who may need a little extra help picking up the material. She finds great happiness in helping students find tricks to learn the material and loves seeing students’ “light bulb moment” when they understand the material.

Around Pinewood, Pam is known as someone who is always cooperative and collaborative, who is always looking for students who need help. She is almost always found with a smile on her face and is known for always having atomic fire balls in her pocket. Pam’s role with the school is much more than a job title – she is a great source of encouragement for students and helps students find their own initiative.

When she thinks back on her 15 years with the district, one of her favorite moments is when she left the room and came back to find a message on her overhead projector – from a sixth grade student who wrote how much she was going to miss her after sixth grade. The sixth grade parade is one of Pam’s favorite Pinewood traditions. Seeing students reflect on their final time at Pinewood is a bittersweet moment, as she is happy for their growth, but sad to see them move on.

To hear Pam talk about her coworkers and the students at Pinewood is to truly see how much she loves her job and the people she works with. She says every teacher she knows works so hard to make accommodations so every child learns, and says the entire staff is made up of wonderful, creative people.

When Pam is not in the school, her favorite activity is crafting, especially creating cards and teaching other people how to create cards.

Thank you to Pam for the wonderful impact you have on our students!