Cadence Lee-Elkhart Memorial High School

As a sophomore, fellow students and graduates tell me, “enjoy the time you have left” and “it will go by so quickly.” My time in the ECS system has been well spent, but I still cannot imagine leaving it, even with two years left before graduation.

Just to get an idea of my involvement, here is a “small” list:

Travel/School Softball, Church/School Choir, Concert/Marching Band, Move2Stand, Student Government, Drama Club/Masquers, Community/School Theater, and Student Docent.

I would not be able to be as involved as I am without the one-hundred percent support from my school and community. Through everything I’ve done, the local support has always been there. Not only is it teachers and coaches, it is the parents, staff, and other locals. Even people who have children who already graduated still support the teams, groups, and schools for current students. Fortunately, my in-school time has allowed me to develop indescribable relationships with these people.

While looking through the Elkhart Community Schools’ website, I came across the Elkhart Difference page. One thing stood out to me: “But what are we most proud of in Elkhart? Our amazing students.” In my experience, this is entirely accurate. Every awards ceremony, banquet, assembly, and celebration, has displayed the pride of teachers and other staff towards their students. Hearing coaches, teachers, and leaders give their perspective on each student’s hard work is the best thing to witness. It shows how much they really care and appreciate our effort. The teachers know how to help every student succeed, and they provide the appropriate resources for our education as much as possible.

While the students are pretty awesome and the teachers are completely committed, I’m proud of something else. If you were to ask me what I am most proud about in Elkhart, it would have to be the dedication of the schools to community service. If you ask anyone who knows me, they’d tell you I might just be one of the most involved students “ever.” While I may deny it every single time, I realize that I have had the privilege of being a part of a welcoming and productive community in several ways. The school system has allowed students, like me, volunteering opportunities in helping set up new playgrounds at the elementary schools to pre-portioning mixes for Church Community Services’ Soup of Success. Although some volunteers come from the school music groups or athletic teams, the projects are full community efforts that yield tremendous results. Almost any activity a student participates in will have an impact on the community and the chance for them to give back. This is just one of the many things that make Elkhart a great place!

Cadence Lee
Elkhart Memorial High School