Hawthorne and Mary Feeser awarded through WSBT’s I Love to Read Program

Back in January, teachers and schools began signing up to participate in the “I Love To Read Challenge” through WSBT, as an exciting way to get students involved in reading and to let them set goals for themselves.

Participating students would be responsible for logging every minute they read from February 1st through February 28th. At the end of the month when all the student logs were turned into their teachers, the teachers reported what each student accomplished to WSBT. For our students at Hawthorne and Mary Feeser, their hard work was well worth it!

On March 21st, WSBT held an awards ceremony to celebrate the I Love to Read winners. Elkhart Community Schools is proud to announce the following winners at our district:

Hawthorne Elementary came home with the top prize: the School of the Year Award! Achieving this award was a group effort. To qualify, schools were required to have over half of their teachers sign up to participate. Hawthorne excelled – they had 84% of their teachers participate and 130 students complete the challenge. This qualification earned them an opportunity to be part of a drawing to see which qualifying school would be rewarded $5,000 and crowned the WSBT I Love to Read School of the Year. To the school’s delight, they were the selected recipient of the prize.

Mary Teeter, principal at Hawthorne, was presented with the $5,000 check at WSBT’s award ceremony, and was accompanied by two out of her top five readers from Hawthorne. Says Seungju Kim, 2nd grade, who read 2,040 minutes “We are really excited, and I am currently talking to our students to help decide where we can apply the $5,000. We would really like to purchase something for the students who will be around for awhile, we want the students to be reminded of their accomplishments.” Seungju was very excited to get to participate in the awards as one of the top readers in his school. He shares, “my favorite thing is to read about animals.” Sedrick McNeely, 4th grade, read 1,878 minutes and is currently reading Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce, and says his favorite thing to read is comics.

Mary Feeser Elementary came in as one of the top 3 schools, and they will be receiving 500 books from Better World Books. One of their students, Destiny Peters, 4th grade, came in as a Top Individual Reader. She read a total of 4,480 minutes. “I am really excited! My favorite book so far is Smiles by Raina Telgemeier, I am ready to do the reading challenge again,” she says.

Congratulations to Hawthorne and Mary Feeser for all of your hard work and recognition!