Inside ECS – Christine Otto

Congratulations to Christine Otto, who received the Elkhart Community Schools’ Secondary Distinguished Support Staff of the Year Award. Christine is a Mild Intervention/Learning Disorder Paraprofessional at West Side Middle School and has been with ESC for more than 25 years. Christine plays an instrumental role in the overall success of West Side Middle School; she always goes above and beyond to make sure all students are successful.  She is a loyal Elkhart Community School fan and can always be found supporting both current and former students at after school events.

A few words from Chris’ colleagues:

“While I was on maternity leave last spring, Chris took it upon herself to be the lead in the classroom, making sure the day to day accommodations to lessons happened, ensuring the success of all students. I couldn’t do my job as well without her!” – Lindsay C.

“For as long as Chris has been dedicated to educating Elkhart kids, she has not lost her zeal for the job. She comes in every day with a passion for helping kids succeed. She follows the progress of students after they leave middle school. She shows up at games at the high school level and remembers names, families, and connections. She carries our kids in her heart and truly cares about them.” – Tiffany S.

Congratulations again to Christine! Thank you for all that you do for our students!