Inside ECS – Sandy Zajac

Congratulations to Sandra Zajac, who received the Elkhart Community Schools’ District Distinguished Support Staff of the Year Award. Sandra is a Behavior Consultant working with Riverview Elementary and students in the preschool programs, and has been with ESC for 18 years. Sandra works with teachers, staff, and families, focusing on planning for building positive behavioral skills in students.  Her expertise lies in identifying prevention techniques and problem-solving through recommending research-based interventions to implement.

Sandra enjoys the relationships she builds with coworkers, students, and parents, saying that it truly takes a team to make a positive difference. She specifically recalls one’s student who was struggling emotionally and socially. As she worked with him throughout the year, she saw an overall improvement in his happiness and that he was able to develop friendships with his classmates. When the student’s mother contacted Sandra to express her overwhelming gratitude, Sandra knew she’d helped make a positive difference in the student’s life. She always appreciates positive feedback from parents and staff.

Outside of work, Sandra enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as traveling and boating.

A few words from Sandra’s colleagues:

“A true example of a team player, Sandy is always going the extra mile to support teachers and students. Sandy’s work ethic is inspirational to others. She has a wealth of knowledge to share, but also listens to the needs of others and helps guide them to make decisions based on each individual student and classroom teacher. Her amazing ability to stay positive and encourage others through difficult times keeps us looking for new ideas and try difference options until a solution is found.” – Lesley D.

“Sandy gives 110% of her time and support to the staff at Riverview School. The staff respects her knowledge and support. Sandy is always ready to go that extra mile to help staff members and students. Sandy always thinks of positive ways to help motivate students and do the right thing in the classroom.” – Nancy S.

“Sandy’s knowledge, collaboration with parents, students, and staff, along with her diligence has a positive impact on the entire Riverview community. She is a leader, resource, and teammate when it comes to the behavior and wellbeing of students.” – Holly C.

Congratulations again to Sandra! Thank you for all that you do for our students!