Inside ECS – Teresa McLain

Congratulations to Teresa McLain, who received the Elkhart Community Schools’ Elementary Distinguished Support Staff of the Year Award. Teresa is the Head Secretary at Mary Daly Elementary School and has been with ESC since August of 2012. Teresa is the first person to greet visitors at Daly, her patience and kindness offers a warm welcome to parents and staff alike. Teresa plays an instrumental role in the overall success of Mary Daly Elementary School by providing support between staff, students, parents, and administration. She exemplifies excellence in every way, from her consistent hard work, creativity and infusion of humor into everyday activities.

At the end of the day, Teresa feels most accomplished when she’s been able to address a parent’s concern and leaves them feeling positive about Mary Daly. Equally important to Teresa is supporting the teachers in her building – if she can make their day a little easier, or bring a little laughter to their day, she considers the day a success. This atmosphere of support was felt by Teresa when a family member of hers was diagnosed with a serious illness. While she didn’t openly share the struggle with her coworkers, they still found out and provided an outpouring of support for Teresa, something that touched her deeply.

Teresa loves that no two days are the same for her, with every day bringing its own challenges and rewards.

Outside of work, Teresa finds the most happiness in spending time with her husband and family.

A few words from Teresa’s colleagues:

“Teresa has been extremely patient with me during my first year at Mary Daly. I’ve asked lots of questions and made plenty of mistakes, and Teresa has offered many solutions and provided great insight. I can always trust her with tasks, decisions, and information. While I am appreciative that she does her job well, I am most thankful for the humor she brings to the building and the positive impact she has on staff.” – Carolyn L.

“Teresa knows all students at Mary Daly by name, and is aware of any special needs and family situations that impact them. She deals with them at their best and worst. She is there when they are laughing, crying, sick, or in trouble.” – Lisa R.

“Teresa is an outstanding secretary. She is a steady force that gets things done with both efficiency and humor. She is dependable, reliable, and full of integrity. She stays focused on the work she has, but is always willing to help others. She does her work with excellence.” – Josh N.

Congratulations again to Teresa! Thank you for all that you do for our students!