Inside ECS – Carla Darr

Carla is a second grade teacher at Mary Beck Elementary, and is in her 33rd year of teaching at Elkhart Community Schools. Carla is the Elementary Teacher of the Year for Elkhart Community Schools.

Carla was inspired at a young age to become a teacher by spending many early mornings in school helping teachers, as she went to the school building with her mom, who worked in the school cafeteria. She adopted a philosophy early in her career that a teacher can have the best lesson plan on the planet, but a child will not learn if there is not a relationship built on trust. Carla spends countless hours outside of the school day in the community attending events supporting her current and former students, and is also actively involved in fundraising for her students. Every day, she looks each student in the eye and tells them how happy she is to see them. She cherishes the days when she gets to celebrate her students’ success, and is thrilled when former students reach out to tell her how well they are doing. Carla also works hard to build relationships with parents of her students, as well as her teammates at Mary Beck, knowing that it takes a village to raise a child.

During her time at ECS, Carla has served on many teams and committees, dedicating to improving opportunities for students. Prior to this award, Carla has also received the Salute to Women award from the YWCA, David B. Emens Elementary Coach of the Year award, and the Art Decio Volunteer of the Year award from United Way. She currently serves on the Elkhart Education Foundation board and is a NIVA volleyball club coach.

Congratulations again to Carla! Thank you for all that you do for our students!