Perspective – Ambrosia Rogers, Elkhart Memorial

Opportunity is the most important and encompassing theme that Elkhart Community Schools has incorporated into the lives of its students. Through community outreach, an honest drive for the success of all in the region, extracurriculars, and the ability to make each student feel involved, Elkhart Community Schools is preparing its students and staff for unlimited opportunity.

The opportunity for success is gifted to all the students in the school district. As an AP (Advanced Placement) student, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities given to me to succeed in these courses. Through after school study sessions and AP Student conferences, the teachers want their students to pass their exams. The teachers want success for the students, and this attitude completely changes the atmosphere of the classroom. Teachers wanting to teach and students wanting to learn opens doors of opportunity like no other. Teachers, principals, and administrators are interested in what the students are doing, how the students are living their lives. The personal connections between staff and students creates a more educationally friendly mindset. This mindset and these opportunities make it an honor to live in the Elkhart Community Schools district.

Another window of opportunity granted to the students in the district comes from the focus of many organizations. Beyond the basic sports and clubs offered at most schools, we have a plethora of organizations dedicated to bettering the community and investing more into the future of Elkhart Community and Elkhart Schools. At both Memorial and Central [high schools], community service programs reign. I am a small part of the community, but I am also a member of Key Club, PEERS, and NHS. These are all organizations dedicated to giving back to the community, specifically on a local scale. Volunteering is an important part of Elkhart Community Schools, and is integrated in almost all the schools do. The value put in service and volunteering creates a place where students feel the effects of giving back-changing the lives of themselves and the lives of our community.

Elkhart Community Schools does a fantastic job of giving students hopes, dreams, and plans regarding their futures. Hope is instilled in elementary children. This year, Memorial students went to various elementary schools for a “Grad Walk”, inspiring and giving hope of graduation to the youngest of our community. There is also tutoring available for every age group, inspiring success in all of our community. Plans for the future of the community’s adolescence are also developed and supported. The schools host field trips to colleges both in and out of the region: from Ivy Tech all the way to Indiana University Bloomington. The schools provide transportation to college fairs and job fairs. The community encourages its students to plan their futures on their dreams instead of pushing them in a specific direction. This is something I appreciate on a personal level. I love having a plan of action, I love pursuing my dreams. Without the support of Elkhart Memorial staff, and without the support the community, I would not be where I am today.

Furthermore, and especially in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, each and every staff member deserves a sincere “thank you” and a round of applause. The staff and students and other various members of our community create a wholesome environment. Each person in the Elkhart area is able to grow, thrive, and reach their dreams. The community is a wonderful place to give back, live, and learn. I am honored to live in a community with such a variety of opportunities.


[Ambrosia Rogers was selected as the student speaker for Elkhart Memorial’s commencement ceremony.]