Counselors collaborating to reach more students/parents

Each year, students from Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial visit colleges, attend college fairs, and complete financial aid forms, to help them prepare for the next steps of their college or career. In an effort to increase the opportunities for our students, the guidance departments from Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial are teaming up.

“Both of our guidance departments are doing great things for our students,” said Allison Makowski, Guidance Counselor at Elkhart Memorial, “both schools go on college trips and offer financial aid nights. By combining our efforts, we want to make sure we’re offering these opportunities for every Elkhart student. If a Memorial parent is unable to attend the financial aid night at Memorial, we certainly still want them to feel welcome to attend the financial aid night at Central.”

Combined college trips and financial aid nights will be chaperoned and attended by counselors from both schools, providing the students and parents with additional help, resources, and contacts beyond their home school.

The schools are also teaming up with the Elkhart Public Library to offer a Financial Aid Night for students and parents, as well as Elkhart residents. Both schools are excited to expand the opportunities and reach more people. “Having a central location will help our families have another chance to meet with us,” said Makowski. “During our financial aid nights, we’re available to help anyone in the community who needs help navigating the financial aid process.”

The following are important dates for first semester visits, fairs, and financial aid nights:

  • September 12 Southwestern Michigan College field trip
  • September 21 Trine University field trip
  • September 22 Fort Wayne Apprenticeship Fair
  • September 27 Indiana University (Bloomington) field trip
  • October 4 College Fair at Elkhart Central
  • October 24 Purdue University field trip
  • October 24 Financial Aid Night at Elkhart Memorial
  • October 25 Financial Aid Night at Elkhart Central
  • October 26 Financial Aid Workday at Elkhart Memorial
  • November 2 Financial Aid Night at Elkhart Public Library
  • November 7 IUPUI field trip