Inside ECS: Lorinda Kline, Pierre Moran

For the last 31 years, Lorinda Kline has found her home inside the classroom. But this year – her 32nd year in education – she started her first day in a new school. We’re excited to welcome Lorinda Kline to Pierre Moran Middle School as an Instructional Coach.

In her role, Lorinda will focus on improving curriculum and learning opportunities for all students at Pierre Moran. Prior to her role at Pierre Moran, Lorinda worked in Warsaw, as a district-level PLC (professional learning center) Coach. She brings years of experience in building teams centered around personal growth of students, staff, district, and community.

Lorinda was excited to come to Pierre Moran after learning about the upcoming transformation toward a STEAM school, saying, “There’s great excitement in the education field over Pierre Moran’s transformation, and a great opportunity to be a part of an amazing transformation. There’s such a positive momentum in the district – I can see so much energy here at Pierre Moran, but also at the district through the strategic plan and development of professional learning centers.”

It’s this idea of transformation, personal growth, and continuous improvement that most resonates with Lorinda, and fuels her passion for education. “It’s inspiring to see the culture of continuous improvement at Pierre Moran and at the district level. We are always learning from one another – students, staff, district – and we will always continue to grow through asking questions.”

Lorinda has taught many grade levels, but there’s something special about middle school students for her. “Middle school is such a transformative time and students have such a high energy. There are so many changes to navigate and opportunities for growth in middle school. It’s important for students to have people next to them who will help them in a safe, encouraging place, and to let them know it’s okay to fail. It’s my hope that every student at Pierre Moran grows in learning and character, learns how good it feels to give back, and recognizes the unique importance of their personality and the potential they have.”   

Outside of the classroom, Lorinda enjoys bicycling with her husband, as well as reading and music. Lorinda was the 2009 runner-up for Indiana Teacher of the Year.

Lorinda is currently reading: Help for Billy by Heather Forbes. Help for Billy is about working with students who have experienced trauma, understanding different coping tolerances of children, learning to recognize when a child is in distress, and understanding how to help.