​Monger explores PRIDE with special guest program

With this year’s focused efforts on PRIDE throughout the district, elementary schools like Monger are getting creative with demonstrating fun ways to exhibit the characteristics of PRIDE: persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability, and efficiency.

Last year, Monger Elementary School welcomed a special visitor to their school. Tim Hannig from the Pro-Kids Show performed his magic, singing, and puppet show for students, and his message of encouragement and support left a lasting impression. This year, to help kick-off their new PRIDE initiative and bullying prevention program at Monger, Hannig and his Pro-Kids Show returned.

Students were thrilled to see Hannig back in their school, as they jumped in to sing along with the Pro-Kids song they’d learned last year, and participate in the interactive variety show. Through audience participation, Hannig connected with the kids in a fun, playful way while teaching important lessons that align with Elkhart Community Schools’ PRIDE initiative.

For Monger Elementary students, the interactive show provided an opportunity to learn how PRIDE affects relationships and fits into bully prevention, as Hannig discussed the power of positive character traits, respect, and attitudes. Ultimately, students are left with a powerful message of respect – respect yourself and respect one another – one of the attributes of PRIDE.

The Pro-Kids show made a second appearance Thursday for a special family night where Monger parents and siblings had an opportunity to experience the show for themselves.

To learn more about The Pro-Kids show and Tim Hannig, visit: http://pkshow.com
Tim Hannig