Middle school teachers are all hands on deck for PRIDE

Middle School PRIDE teams, consisting of teachers, principals and support staff, recently dedicated their Friday to work together and unify what PRIDE and the Work Ethic Certification mean for seventh and eighth grade students at Elkhart Community Schools. The PRIDE initiative is an acronym for the work and life characteristics that future employers and businesses feel are important to be successful in student’s future careers. Persistence, respectfulness, initiative, dependability, and efficiency (PRIDE) has become a central focus for our middle schools as they move forward in working towards setting students up for success in middle school, high school and beyond.

First on their agenda was sharing what each of the three middle schools have already implemented in their own buildings to promote PRIDE. The obvious passion seen from the staff within each school has been reflected in their actions taken and those soon to come. T-shirts, decor, and student hands-on projects fill the middle school hallways and classrooms. Then the schools discussed what PRIDE meant in each of their buildings and how to establish the same expectations across all three middle schools. 

For the middle school students, PRIDE will become part of their everyday routine. Teachers, counselors, librarians, bus drivers and all ECS staff will play a part in student expectations. Parents can expect to start seeing PRIDE scores alongside their students usual academic grades.

However, the middle school PRIDE initiative is only a small part of the bigger picture for this year’s eighth grade class. Elkhart Community Schools eighth graders will be the first middle school students in Elkhart County to have the opportunity to earn work ethic certification. Part of earning the certification is to have proven you have successfully implemented and have shown the characteristics of PRIDE. The eighth graders’ work ethic certification will be an opportunity for students to work on skill sets and set age appropriate goals. While in high school, they will also have an opportunity to earn the Governor’s Work Ethic Certification, signed by the governor and recognized county wide.

Criteria for the Middle School Work Ethics Certification will be:

  • Attendance 98% / Includes sign in and out
  • One or less Office Managed Referrals
  • 4 or less tardies at the start of day
  • 3 Signatures from community staff recognizing the abilities of the individual student on  PRIDE
  • 4 hours community service
  • GPA is a C average during their 8th grade year

In the next few weeks middle school parents and students will be learning and hearing more about PRIDE and the Work Ethic Certification. Please be on the lookout for additional information from the school!