Inside ECS: Diana Karre, Food Services

Secretary to Food Service Director, Diana Karre never thought that working in the food industry would include lending out her socks, but when the time came, and her adviser, Pamela Melcher, Food Service Director, found herself in a bit of a predicament, Karre willingly shared what she could, the experience, now a fond memory and a good laugh within the Food Service office. A great representation of their daily adventures.

On the surface, Karre’s official role includes processing free/reduced lunch applications, answering questions about students and their status within the program, and filing and receiving reimbursement claims for Food Services, but her day-to-day life includes a multitude of laughs and non-stop fun.

“I work with the families within the district and I support Pam whenever she needs me. I’m just here to help out with whatever I can, socks and all…” she said humbly.

Now in her sixth year as secretary, Karre began her endeavors in the kitchens of Monger Elementary, in order to work with the kids, a job that has stuck with her since, still helping out when they are short staffed. Now, she stays involved in the community in a different way—by helping the community to understand the guidelines and rules behind food services.

“There are all of these USDA guidelines, standards, and rules that people don’t understand,” said Karre. “Adding ketchup to a meal can make all the difference. Adding an extra piece of chicken can be impossible.”

Working with all aspects of Food Services, Karre has seen firsthand every part of the business grow and expand into the great program that it is now. But for Karre, one of the most unique aspects of her job includes the family she’s gained in those she works with.

“I love my coworkers. We’re a little family.” said Karre. “I enjoy working with the people I work with and the busyness of the office. We have a lot of fun. It’s never boring or stiff or too serious. It’s fun, and we’re always laughing.”

This joy found in her coworkers serves as her daily motivation, but in the grand scheme, it’s her opportunity to be able to serve the community that drives Karre to do what she does.

“I enjoy being able to help people and find end results for kids who are otherwise struggling to get good food on a daily basis.”

An Elkhart Memorial graduate, Karre enjoys spending her time with her husband, three children (one Memorial graduate, two Memorial students), and two dogs, and in her brief spare time, enjoys working on house projects with her husband.

Diana is currently reading: “…anything my kids write or post on facebook…and maybe Marley and Me”