Inside ECS: Tracy Borger, Riverview

Most people can’t say they knew at five what they wanted to be when they grew up. But for Tracy Borger, first grade teacher at Riverview Elementary, the inspiration to become a teacher was sparked by her own kindergarten teacher. In a twist of fate, this kindergarten teacher would later become an even more important person in her life.

“I actually married her son!” said Tracy. “He and I met after college, when I was waitressing at Bulldog Crossing (now Miles Lab). He went home and told his mom about me, she remembered me as a student and found me in her old yearbook.”

When Tracy first walked into a classroom as a student teacher, she knew she’d made the right choice to become a teacher. Though her family is now her top priority, teaching has always been her biggest passion.

“The greatest moments are the little ones found every day in the classroom,” said Tracy. “I love seeing the faces, watching the students “get it” when a concept makes sense to them. They are so excited and eager to learn more and grow. When I’m surrounded by kids who are excited and want to give me hugs, how can this not be the best job in the world?”

For Tracy, teaching the curriculum is important, but even more important are the characteristics and life lessons she helps teach her students through their every day actions.

“Every day, we work on compassion, kindness, and respect in our classroom, and what it means to have and show these things to others,” said Tracy. “These are things that young students will take with them throughout their lives. It’s so rewarding to see our students practicing these things in the hallway and in their lives.”

This encouraging and supportive setting is part of why Tracy loves Riverview. “Everyone in our building is so supportive of one another. We all take ownership of all of our students, and we’re all committed to every child’s success. Whether that child is in my classroom, or another teacher’s classroom, as teachers, we’re always collaborating, communicating, and supporting one another. We want our students to see the life skills we’re teaching – to see how important kindness and respect are. I feel so fortunate to come here every day, to a job I love so much. Often, students will come back to tell us we’ve impacted them, but they don’t know how much they truly positively impact me as a teacher and a person.”

Tracy grew up in Elkhart and attended Riverview Elementary when she was a child. Her children are both graduates of Elkhart Memorial – her son is an engineer at General Motors and her daughter is working toward a medical degree at the University of Indianapolis. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys being on a beach and listening to the water. She loves to read and spend time with her family.

Tracy is currently reading: In her personal reading, Tracy prefers to read biographies. Currently, with the start of school, she’s focusing much of her time on reading the books for her class, as well as reading books for teachers.