Elkhart’s PRIDE: Our Promise – Max Malloy

Fifth Grader, Max Malloy from Pinewood Elementary has been recognized as the first recipient of Elkhart’s PRIDE: Our Promise award.

Created to “acknowledge and celebrate extraordinary co-curricular achievements within our student population at Elkhart Community Schools,” this award embodies the school’s newest district-wide initiative, P.R.I.D.E.

Through nominations from Athletic, Music, or Performing Arts Directors, all nominees are reviewed by a co-curricular screening committee, reviewing how the student has successfully demonstrated one of the characteristics of Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency. Each recipient will be acknowledged within their respective school, the school board, and profiled in the upcoming issue of the district newsletter.

10-year-old Max Malloy, an elementary cross country runner and swimmer, was surprised by his friends, family, and coaches when he learned that he had received this award.

Only competitively running for about two years, Max has always had the drive to outrun his competitors, working to keep anyone and anything from holding him back.

“The first time I ran, my Dad was trying to get me to keep at a specific pace and I thought it was too easy. I just kept wanting to take off. I was seven or eight when I started,” said Malloy.

Though young, Malloy has already adopted a very goal-oriented attitude. With role models like Michael Phelps, and Olympic aspirations, Malloy continues to set himself up for success, while remaining humble in his achievements.

Each time Malloy has run the elementary cross-country course, which is 1.55 miles, he has set a new course record for the boys. Last year Malloy ran 10:18.7 for his first race, 10:02.7 in his second race, and 9:29.3 for his third race. This year, he ran a 9:27.0 for his first race, 9:25.5 for his second race, and 9:24.63 for his third race. Each time Malloy has set foot on the elementary cross-country course, he has improved his time. When Malloy was eight, he also ran a 5K in 20:25, an outstanding time for someone so young. He placed third in overall points in the adult Tri Michiana triathlon series.

“We wanted to recognize our co-curricular performers who are extraordinary achievers,” said Rod Roberson, ECS’ Co-Curricular Activities Director. “Max is a perfect example of that. Elkhart has some amazing performers who are not only blessed with talent, but have developed their skills through practicing the principles of PRIDE. We appreciate the coaches and teachers who have fostered the relationships that have helped this student to experience these accomplishments.”

“I like that athletics are a challenge,” said Malloy. “You have to work hard to achieve your goals. I will still be running and swimming in high school. I want to become a better person and continue to swim and run. I would like to become a professional runner or triathlete. The Olympics would be cool!”

His driven and humble attitude has not gone unnoticed by those around him. Parents Mike and Beth Malloy, and coaches Adam and Dana Homo can all attest to Max and his success.

“Each time Max has set foot on the elementary cross-country course, Max has improved his time; and, while doing so, he is helping make those running behind him better as they work to catch him.” said coach Adam Homo. “He works extremely hard in all that he does, and he likes to help others get better, too. If one sees him during athletic competition, Max is always cheering on his teammates to better performances.”

Words of wisdom from Max: “If you stop you won’t get anything out of it. Keep trying and you will succeed.”