Inside ECS: Tim Pedley, North Side

Ten years ago, Tim Pedley never saw himself teaching in Elkhart, Indiana.

A native of Australia, Tim had his first experience in Michiana as an exchange student in Niles, MI. It was during his time as an exchange student that he met his future wife, whom he reconnected with years later.

Eight years ago, they returned to America to be closer to his wife’s family. A youth pastor in Australia, Tim brought with him a passion for working with students. Together with his interest in math, he began working as a substitute teacher while completing a transition to teaching program at Bethel College.

“I’ve always been a math person and a logical thinker. With math, you start at the beginning and when it’s done, it’s done. It’s logical.” Upon completing his transition program, Tim took a position teaching at North Side Middle School. He has been at North Side for six years.

Today, you’ll find Tim in the classroom, but also on the field as North Side’s soccer coach.

“To see the boys in their element and to see them shine, and to see how much they care, is great. The work they do on the field carries over to the classroom.” Under Tim’s direction, North Side has been city champions the past two years. When he’s not coaching, Tim plays soccer in a summer league in Michigan.

Part of Tim’s passion for working with students on the soccer field and in the classroom is being able to find opportunities to connect with the students. “My passion? To keep finding ways to help kids connect. If they don’t care, then they won’t succeed.”

Far from his native country, Tim now calls North Side Middle School his home. Although the future brings some changes to the middle schools, Tim is looking forward to being able to help sixth graders become passionate about math sooner.

Tim is currently reading: Ronald Reagan’s Biography: American Life