Central students spread cheer throughout Elkhart

For the second consecutive year, Elkhart Central’s “Shades of Blue” choral ensemble took to the streets of downtown Elkhart to spread holiday cheer.

According to Elkhart Central choral director Bill Niederer, the group has caroled inside the halls of Elkhart Central for many years, but principal Frank Serge suggested they extend the outreach beyond the school. “It helps bring live music to people who otherwise might only see singing on television,” said Niederer. “It helps show our community the abilities of vocal music students at Elkhart Central and provides our students with an additional performance experience in out-of-the-ordinary places.”

Today, students stopped by numerous banks, businesses, and organizations, including Hopman Jewelers, Old Style Deli, the Elkhart Municipal Building, and the Elkhart Public Library.

Feedback from community members was a mix of pleasant surprise, happiness, admiration, and thanks for sharing the holiday spirit.

“I’m happy to work with our students and help the community in any way we can,” said Niederer. “We’ve also performed at local care facilities, which brings a lot of joy to people who might not be able to attend a live performance.”