Kindness rocks at Roosevelt

Sarah Hoover, second grade teacher at Roosevelt STEAM Academy created the Kids with Character Club this year, seeing it as an opportunity for kids to learn about doing nice things for others. “Doing a good deed for someone else is all that matters,” said Hoover. “Through our club we try to show that kindness is important, even if students don’t get credit for their acts of kindness.” This is one of the many lessons learned in the Kids with Character Club at Roosevelt Steam Academy.

As students read The Blue Day Book: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up by Bradley Trevor Greive, it was a good reminder to students that it’s okay to have bad days once in a while, and that everyone has them. From the book, students learned ideas about how to positively impact others around them through kindness. This was the beginning of a new project, one that could take a bad day and give someone a reason to smile.

The idea behind the the Kindness Rocks is to convey to students just how powerful a positive comment is to another person; a simple message to remind someone they are strong, loved, cared about, or smart can change a person’s day.

The Character Club members spent time discussing what positive statements they would want to share with others and then the creativity began. Students wrote messages on rocks and decorated them with paint markers. The rocks were distributed in random places around the school, with the intent of giving whoever finds them a small message of encouragement or positivity. If a student finds one, they can do what they’d like with it; however, it is suggested to re-hide the rock to keep it going to keep spreading the positivity.

The kindness rocks have has gone over so well at the school that there was a request to make more. Not only have they touched the students at Roosevelt, they have also found their way into to hands and hearts of staff as well. As quickly as a rock was finished, there were a few that already had a destination.

The Roosevelt STEAM Academy’s Character Club  is currently working on good deeds at home through a secret service project. “Mission Possible.” Students will be making siblings’ beds, sweeping floors and doing dishes. Leaving behind a secret service card, they are hoping to spread kindness at home too.

girl holding rock teacher talking to students student holding rock students writing on rocks students writing on rocks collection of rocks with messages