Sandy Carnall: Phi Beta Mu Inductee

North Side Band Director, Sandy Carnall has recently been inducted into Phi Beta Mu, an International Honorary Fraternity for band directors. It is an organization that honors outstanding band directors whose dedication and devotion to their profession is paramount.  

“In order to be inducted into Phi Beta Mu, you must be nominated by a current member,” explains Carnall. “Your sponsor and two additional members must write letters of support for you outlining your achievements and why you would be a valuable addition to the membership.  Once the membership votes, you must receive a unanimous vote to be accepted into the Fraternity.  In Indiana, there are over 100 members in Phi Beta Mu and only 13 of those are women.”

Phi Beta Mu is the highest honorary international band director’s fraternity. It was organized to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in schools throughout the world and to foster a deeper appreciation of good music and more wide spread public interest.

The group of 90 plus people is highly selective and extremely difficult to become apart of. In Carnall’s case, it was actually her husband, Tim Carnall, who nominated her into the very male-dominated field.

But her husband is not the only familiar face. Carnall’s own middle school band director, Wayne Stubbs, recently retired superintendent of Concord Community Schools, is also a member.

“It was really surreal to see my own middle school music supervisor welcome me into a fraternity where I was considered an equal.” said Carnall. “Wayne Stubbs is a powerful force. He later moved on to become the assistant principal, then the superintendent of Concord Schools, so to come full circle and see his face again was really great.”

Now, Carnall is able to share her experiences with the young, aspiring musicians of Elkhart schools, yet with a unique and fresh perspective.

“Walking into the room and looking around at all of the PBM members was quite awe inspiring.” said Carnall. “In the room stood band directors from across the state who have paved the way for Indiana bands throughout the years. There were my mentors and my mentor’s mentors!”