Cleveland Elementary school: Dreams for Riley’s

What started as conversation between friends about the possibilities of making money with a lemonade stand quickly turned into a successful fourth grade service project.

Three young friends, Autumn Cannon, Grace Towne and Camryn Clairday, while passing the time making bracelets on a rainbow loom, brainstormed ideas to help others less fortunate than them. They made the decision to donate to Riley’s Children Hospital, inspired by a friend and fellow student who has benefited from Riley’s, but decided they wanted to support more than just a friend. With hard work, they could support a lot of kids like her. “We wanted to do something bigger, something people would remember”, Camryn stated. With this, “Dreams for Riley’s” was formed.

The girls, excited to get their idea started, made the proposal to their fourth grade teachers. The teachers, who have all been touched by Riley’s in one way or another, didn’t hesitate to help make their idea happen.

“It turned into to something bigger than what the kids imagined.” explained Tim Myers, fourth grade teacher. It certainly was not easy. The girls learned about leadership, initiative, meetings, compromise, and most of all, they learned how one person can make an impact.

All of the fourth grade classes pitched in. They held meetings, presented their idea to the PTO, created posters and flyers, made a commercial and set up a store front outside of their classrooms. In two weeks, the fourth graders sold over 1,000 items with a total of $500 in earnings, including extra donations from students and staff.

The students are now working on arranging a time for a representative from Riley’s to come so they can present the donations to them.

You can view their commercial here.